Need a crowded school hallway

I need a crowded school background, but I can’t find a proper template, and the ones I make don’t work. Can someone help me? I will give credit to you too.

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I can try and send you one you can check it out and change the characters names.

Do you have a specific school hall background you would like to use or just any hall is fine with you?

it will look something like this…

here is the code in order for you just to copy and paste it:


@cut to zone 3

@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@GUY spot 1.280 278 10
@GUY moves to layer 1
@GIRL spot 0.563 131 323
@GIRL moves to layer 2
@CHARLIE spot 0.577 189 335
@CHARLIE moves to layer 2
@GRACE spot 1.280 38 -7
@GRACE moves to layer 3
@BOY spot 0.258 93 463
@BOY moves to layer 1

if you have anything else in mind tell me I might be able to help… or just see another more professional writer :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much. I haven’t tried it yet cause i haven’t got the time, but i’ll try as soon a s possible. But still thank you for helping me, i din’t need anything major.

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your always welcome. Do check if it works though.

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