Need a custom pose for a drawing ASAP

So the pose I need is like a dolls pose. I need her hands up in front of her like a doll would if it’s being controlled (if you understand that lol)
Here is the character

Do You Have An Example?

Sort of like this

But the arms bigger bc those are to small and a sad face

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Okay, What Outfit Is Your Character Going To Wear?

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The pink dress in the last one t provided

And not rush you but when will it be done?

I Can Try And Make It Tonight. I’m Just Waiting For My Bsf To get Back To Me. So I Can Probably Try Tonight.

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Ok thx

Is The Hair Still Beach Wave?

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:wave:I was wondering when it would be done (no rush!)


Hello so I really need those overlay because I’m entering an art contest and it’s ending the 10th so if you can’t do it I really need to know so I can request from somebody else