Need a cute rich bedroom!

Hey! Really need a big, fancy bedroom it needs to look like a rich place!

Check out:

Through their linktree, you can click on backgrounds and it will lead to here:

They have a fancy bedroom background, and according to them, all pictures on their google drive are not theirs and you do not need to credit them. Their words - " These backgrounds are not mine. You do not need to credit me. They are either anime backgrounds that have been resized or backgrounds from sites that have these backgrounds labeled as free use that I have downloaded and resized. Again, you do not need to credit me."

Good luck with everything!

If you don’t use their background I can make you one.

Sorry I don’t have any rich bedroom backgrounds, but Episode do have their own. It’s called ‘INT. REGAL OLIVE BEDROOM - DAY’ , it looks like this:

hey! this gives more of a royal/old vibe im looking for a modern one

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sure show me what youve got