Need a desk overlay. URGENT!

I really need a front overlay of this desk :arrow_heading_down:

If you can help me, please tell me
Thank you so much! <3

what do you think of this ?

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hmm, i think that works.
Thank you so much! You are a life saver! :slight_smile:

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no problem :relaxed:

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It looks like I can’t work with that overlay, it doesn’t fit in what I want :confused:

how do you want it to fit in? that makes it easier to search the overlay for you. you can find these overlays on google just type in old computer png

oh ok, thank you for helping me!

Please do not use images from site like Google or Pinterest. They are almost always copyrighted pictures, and you can get copyrighted if you use them in your stories. Instead, use a website like pexel or free images. They’re all public domain and free to use. Thanks!