Need A Digital Drawing Cover! :)



Hey guys! Okay, so I’m not really good at digital cover art and I’m looking for someone make me one!
I know what I kinda want it to look like already and of course I will give credit! :wink: By the way it’s in ink!

420x580: I would like the MC (Jamilah) To be holding her love interest (Nixon’s) chest afraid while Nixon faces right angrily and the background I want it to be in the woods with a full moon.

966x642: I would like it to just be zoomed on the MC’s (Jamilah) eyes with her looking forward, and her eyes are red!

You can message me on here or my instagram @xjamiethewriterx! I would also love to see samples first, thank you for your time! :slight_smile:


Episode diamonds would love to help



OMG THANK YOU THE ART IS AMAZING! I would love for you guys to make me one!![
Also this one is what I’m looking for the close up! :smile:


sure just send the deatils


MC (Jamilah):
Skin tone- Mocha
Brow- Defined natural
Hair- Beach wave (Color is Black)
Eyes- Upturned Bold (Color is green)
Face shape- Soft heart
Nose Shape- Celestial
Lips- Full round (Color is Cherry red)

Love interest (Nixon):
Skin tone- Light
Brow- Think Arch
Hair- Modern Pompadour (Color is Chestnut)
Eyes- Classic round (Color is Brown)
Face shape- Square jaw
Nose shape- Button
Lips- Uneven (Color is shape)
Again thank you so much, I’m so excited! :smile:


what are the outfit deatils and the pose


Outfit details for Jamilah:
Bomber Jacket, String Tank top (cream), High waist jeans new, Brooklyn hipster boots.

Outfit details for Nixon:
Basic sneakers (Black), Ripped punk pants, VNeck T-shirt (white), Cool leather Jacket.

Poses for 420x580:
Nixon- arms_crossed_angry
Jamilah- idle_terrified but I want her holding Nixon’s chest

Poses for 966x642: Idle


Thank you should be done by next week cause the person doing it have a exam


Okay that’s perfect! Thank you so much! :smile:


Hey! I’ve been wondering if you guys are still doing my covers! I’m just wondering because I noticed your post has been flagged, so I’m confused. :frowning:


Hey, I can help!


That’s beautiful! It’s what I’m looking for! :smiley:


Where can I send you the details and how I want it? :slight_smile:


PM me :slight_smile:

Sorry, I didn’t receive your message.


we are


Okat thank you!


Send the detais on our thread