Need a directing partner


I have a great story in mind, however, I have to code a lot of scenes, I’ve written 5 chapters already, I just need someone to go through it and see if they can enhance the quality of the coding!


I’ll be happy to help🙂 - do you have a link of your story so I can check to see if it needs any better coding?


HI! thank you so much! would you like me to DM you in instagram or PM you here to share my story link?


You can PM me here because I won’t be on instagram for a while.


I could help also!


Thank you!! Would you like me to DM you on insta or PM you here?


Seems like you already have a lot of help, but I’d be glad to help aswell.


Thank you! The more the merrier! Would you like me to PM or DM you?


DM me @epi.unknown


instagram is fine my user is epy_abby


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: