Need a drawn cover? It’s free ouff

PLS read before asking hah :-((

Sup ladsss I’m back and bored and ye idk, does anyone need a cover for their story? I’ll draw it myself, and fix u a standing as well as a matching big cover.
For some references of what I make I’ll link my ig, cus I’m way too lazy to post shit here.
It’s free, but I’ll only make 1-3 covers, so you’ll have to b lucky or something lmao.

@digital.elle is my ig

All you need to do is

  1. Tell me what ur story is about
  2. Tell me what you’d like me to draw if I pick you

Yes u can pm me if u don’t want to post it openly

I’ll leave this here for a while before choosing one to start with. There’s no first come first serve, I will only make the ones I really want to make. But ye that’s it!! Hope to read some nice story summaries :-))


Would u be able to make a cover for one of my upcoming stories ‘Hidden In Plain Sight’ (:

Let me know if u can and I’ll message u (:

Like written about: give me a short summary as well as what you’d like and I’ll consider it

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Hi! Could you make me one for my story Caught in the Crossfire?

I would love for you to make a cover for me! I will share details in a PM if thats ok

That’s fine! <3

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Okie (:

  • 2 characters
  • 1 male & 1 female
  • Police Infiltrating Crime Story
    & I’ll pm u the rest of the details (:

Iiih like written, I’ll need a short summary as well as I’d like to know what you’d like me to make, if that is provided I will consider it

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Can I PM you the details?

Yes u may!

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hey can I ask you for a art scene?!

Wah read the first post, today it’s covers :-///

ok thanks!

Forgot to link my ig smh, now y’all can actually see what you’d b signing up for lmao

I PMed u & btw, your Instagram name is in your bio (:

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Lol that’s very true hah, well in case people couldn’t find it

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More more more!!! Need some to choose between <33

Hey there! I don’t really need a cover, but here are my details if you’d like to work with them :sweat_smile:


here’s the link to my story details and the current cover–>

R&R Entries Promotional Thread - #11 by miramiraonthewall

anyways, I can PM u character details and such if ur interested, but I’m sure others need a cover more than me, so feel free to ignore this :woozy_face:

Oh u don’t actually have to need a cover, if u just want a new one that’s fine too haha, I don’t mind, I’ll check it out!

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Would you be looking for the same poses n stuff or something new? Just good to know if I choose this :thinking:

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