Need a drawn cover? It’s free ouff

my initial inspiration was from this photo of bonnie and clyde-



a quick synopsis is just that they’re robin hood type criminals (steal from the rich give to the poor)
so honestly lemme know any ideas u have for it - i don’t mind :sweat_smile:

That’s super cute tho I like that idea haha, that pose is lit

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Thanks! And yeah, i went with the whole vintage vibe for my inspiration :sweat_smile: :woozy_face:

Ye clearly! But since it’s a period piece it should be!! Suits it well I’d say
Could you go ahead and PM me the details of the characters? I think I’ll start w yours this made me inspired hehe

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ofc! excited to see what u do with it lol :eyes:

Hehe yes, I’ll ofc let you in on the process, it’s gonna b your cover after all haha

Imma bump this again if anyone is interested

I’m interested in getting a cover…but I cant find tour ig account

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Beautiful art😍

Thank u!

Can I request a cover??

Uh ye just read the first post and you’ll know how it works

hiii can you make me small cover for my story A Bullet Of Pain

description: All her life she’s been in pain. To numb that pain she has to make everyone else suffer. Only Redhead is numb to her pain.

more details: MC’s parents were abusing MC and her siblings because they were drug addicts. One night they didn’t come home so all the responsibilities went on MC’s brother who was 17 at the time. MC was in deppression since the first time her parents abused her, she got bullied in school too but nobody knew or helped her. It caused her to have a psychological issue (I made it up, I don’t know if it really exists) in which a voice whispered to her ear to find a certain target to manipulate and slowly cause them psychological pain, in very rare occassions she would cause them physical pain too. But noone remembered it because of alcohol. One day the same thing happened but with her LI and she FAILED! It made her super furious so she went to grab a gun and her special bullets but when she returned they were nowhere to be found…

and there are many many things more but I’m too lazy to write it here.

And if you’re interested and would like to make me a cover please tell me as soon as you can.

btw I love your examples :blob_hearts:

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