Need a drawn edit!

Hey! I need an edit if someone could make me one.

Character Details -
Face shape : Defined triangle
Skin tone : Tan
Eyes : Sweet (Light brown)
Hair : Short cropped (Fawn)
Mouth : Small round (Blush)
Nose : Button.

I need the guy to have on some dangerous outfit and transparent background holding a gun in his hand. Something like this maybe?


I need it for a story so credit will be given. Please let me know if anyone is interested in making me one.

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We can help @Noah_Archer!
Please go here if interested! :upside_down_face:

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I did something like that! :blush:
I’ll hope I can do your edit.

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Sorry but i think @Queen_K or @Raybadem is doing it already. Maybe next time? And i think i have seen your edits. They are really good.

Thx! Next time I’ll be happy to zoooom to your request. :sweat_smile:

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Sure. :grin: