Need a fire overlay

Looking for a fire overlay that looks sort of realistic.



There are many fire overlays you can find on google! Just make sure they’re not copyrighted.

I got some below:

Hope that solves your problems

  • Delia

I’ve checked google and I did find that 2nd one but the others I’ve found on google aren’t like realistic like how that one is, and sort of looking for different shapes . Thx though :slight_smile:

do you want credit?


sorry i was asking the person who sent that overlay. i wanted to know if they wanted credit for me using that overlay.

Hey!) Check out my linktree (there’s a folder with Magical overlays)

Stuff that Google mostly isn’t legal to use in stories. I suggest using Pixabay and Unsplash for future art resources for your story!

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I’ve been to those websites before but they don’t have what I need for my story. (Probably because my story is just that complicated lol.) I use other websites since I don’t really look up backgrounds on Google, but you can try Instagram also. Others make backgrounds for your story and you can use it as long as you credit them. Thanks for the head’s up also!

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Yes,I know how hard it is to find the perfect overlay/ background as you picture them in your head. Yes, IG groups create and share awesome backgrounds!
No problem and I hope that didn’t sound rude!
Good luck with your story!! :blush: