Need a FREE cover artist for my very first story!

hey guys! im a new user to episode forums and currently creating a new story. i need a free artist who can do realistic cover art. my story is about the MC, who had everything being taken away from her as she grows up, and a mafia boss with a harsh attitude eventually coming together. They will be supporting each other while facing the difficult aspects of their lives. its called “My Hiro.” but, more importantly, hit me up on private messages or on here if you can help me out or recommend some other free artists! (sorry i was so nervous writing this lol)


Sorry to break this to you but…
Most of realistic art is only done by commissioned artists …but yeah it’s really difficult to find a free realistic artist and who have an open slot …
Anyway @M_H_C_Episode has a list of bunch of open art shops


I have an art shop you Can check out

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True, and so it should be art is a job, people who do it for free are not the norm but Nice people who is in a place they dont need the money. Including myself.


Yeahh it’s true
But I could do a edited cver if you’d like
Just PM me :blush::relaxed:

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I can make a free one!!

Just ask in one of the following place

thank youu for the advice and suggestions means a lot :slight_smile:

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whats the difference between a cover and an edited cover? sorry new to this whole thing :skull:.

An edited cover is with the original characters with a few touch ups
Drawn is where the artist draws your cover :blush:

ohhh okay i understand now thank you so much! i really appreciate your help i didnt expect my post to attract anyone tbh

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if u want any nw u can check this

@darling_0216 I’m currently holding an art giveaway and I do realistic art, so while realistic or semi-realistic art isn’t usually free, this is a great chance for anyone who can’t pay to have a chance at some custom art. :blush: [Faintest's Art Giveaway Free Art Scenes/Covers/Custom Splashes for Winners! [Poll Within]]. There are actually lots of giveaways going on now, especially on instagram, so even if you don’t like my art, check out some others!