Need a FREE drawn art cover!

Hi, I need a free drawn art cover! thanks :smiling_face:

Id suggest looking around the forums for any shops that may be taking requests as most peopl are commisioned artists.

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Hi, I don’t think very many people will accept this, as I am an artist myself :blob_hearts:.

But I want to help, so I have a few suggestions:

  1. Maybe offer credit in your story for the artist in return for their art that they’ve made for you?
  2. Use an AI to create art for you (here’s a link:
  3. Here’s a website where you can remove the background of your images for free (make the background transparent) (it’s very useful for overlays) (here’s the link: Photo Editor tool)
  4. Use an image editing program to create art (here’s a link to a free online program:

Hope this helps! And good luck with writing your story :smile: