Need a good background for setting up a dating scene

Hello Everyone.

I need a good background for a scene that I am working on.
It needs to be some cafe or restaurant where two of my characters would be sitting next to each other and having a date.

There needs to be some windows too where another one of my character will peep into and see those two characters and call another character there who is in relation with one of the character sitting and having a date. So basically the third character will set those first two characters and the fourth will be shocked to see the one who is in relation with the fourth.

So I need a good interior background with some exterior version of it.
There is one in the portal that is coffee cafe day and night ext and int. But I need some other also.

So if you some good background for my scene please inform me. I’ll credit the owner also.

Hey, if you are still in a need of background… @SimonX

Wanna check out my drive… if you use any of them then credit me on my Instagram, @orangeweedie.episode :wink: and read the rules first :heart:

I do custom background at $2.5
Let me know if you are interested

Thanks I’ll see if I can use any of those. And if I do I’ll surely credit you.

Show me some of your works then maybe I’ll think about it okay.

Here are some of my examples will get you more if needed coz I’m working on some orders now
Dm me if you are interested
IG - _angryybirdd _

Woow Cool.

Well I’ll think about it and contact okay.

Meanwhile can you tell me What is generally the image size of the backgrounds used in episode?

Zone 1
640* 1136
For zone 2
1280 *1136
For zone 3
1920 *1136

And zone 4? because sometimes there are 4 zones.

You can’t put in a 4 zone background to episode

Oh I guess then I saw it wrong.

There are 5 zone backgrounds too in episode portal but you cant upload them yourself

So that means only Episode officials can have background with 5 zones and not us?


Okay thanks a lot for your support Angryybirdd.

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