Need a GOOD cover artist

So what I want is complicated… I can honestly do it myself but I don’t have the time in the next couple weeks. I want something very similar to this (no 90210 is not my story). But I like how all the characters are placed… I have 7 characters that need to be placed. If you think you can create something like this, please respond and I give you the characters and order of importance!! YOU WILL BE CREDITED GREATLY in my story for this!!

You want them drawn or just edited into a background?

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I have never seen characters drawn! Honestly either way, which ever would look better.

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Really? Search up, ‘share your art’ in the search bar (on the forums). You can also look at @Turtle_Cat’s work, also @Silver_Shadow and @Cassandra_Dean. I don’t think they take requests, but they do amazing drawn work that you can just look at :joy:


Wow! Super flattered, but your right, I don’t take requests

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I’ll be happy to show you some drawn characters examples (these are mine), btw I don’t take requests these are just examples.

Thank you all but I am looking for someone to do the cover art, not just see examples. :slight_smile:

I mostly doing art but this is a lot of characters and I have some more requests to do and I don’t have time, so I can do an edited cover if you’d like :upside_down_face:

What do you mean by an edited cover?

That I can add the characters in the place you’d like in their original way, not drawn or anything…