Need a good plotline for your new story? Find your writing partner and artist!


Hello!! I recently thought that many of you may be skilled Episode directors but struggle in finding a storyline and I am an unskilled director and a great story writer.

So I thought we can mutually help each other. If anyone wants to write an episode story and needs a good plotline, comment down below and I will pm you.

This isn’t to prove that I am lazy and will just be writing the story letting the other author do all the hard directing work. This is just to help authors who struggle to find a good storyline.

If you want me to pm you with the plot, and decide to use it,
•I can make few special art scenes for the story (according to the scene of my choice)

•Can provide hand made overlays (I’m quiet good at them)

•Can make the story cover. (Will not fail ya)

•Can provide directing tips if you have errors (not too advanced but I know most stuff, if else, easings, gains, branched choices, labels… etc. I have some knowledge)

•Can provide some dialogue for the story (cuz I will initiate the whole storyline and you will decide the names and dialogue according to your choice but I can provide a lot of that if you prefer

In short we can be writing PARTNERS!!

Some points to be noted if you want to work with me:
• I may take indefinite amount of time (I will specify the date)
• Please don’t produce negative comments on me or my work.
• please be patient and kind
• We will be PARTNERS and not only helpers. Meaning, you can’t expect me to frame the art exactly how you want. I will select what is most relevant.
• I won’t interrupt in the direction (unless you have errors) and only provide the plot and the art.

Please lemme know in the comments if you wish to work with me. Together, we can make an AMAZING STORY

Here is a story I have written (only has 2 Episodes)

The cover I made:

Help needed with plotline

Could you help?