Need a gym script template please i want my character running on a threadmill

Hi could some please help me with a gym background and script template with only three female character and 3 male character working out, the three females are best-friends and they 3 male are their boyfriends

Hey, I can help you making it just send me the background and other details :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Jeannie_epi one problem i don’t have a background been looking for one,
but here are my character names
Arabella her boyfriend is Damon
Princess Meghan her boyfriend is Micheal
Audrey her boyfriend is Jeremiah

Okay, but what bout the background and what do you want our characters to do?

This isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but you could probably tweak it to make it work. I have some of the treadmill arms as overlays, but you’ll need to cut out the other ones if you’re planning on having all of them in use. Please credit me in story using a readerMessage, @rachelonepisode on Instagram (even if you do make edits).

&CHARACTER 1 spot 0.714 11 315 in zone 1 AND CHARACTER 1 moves to layer 1 AND CHARACTER 1 is run_neutral_loop_rear AND CHARACTER 1 faces left
&CHARACTER 2 spot 0.710 189 354 in zone 1 AND CHARACTER 2 moves to layer 2 AND CHARACTER 2 is run_neutral_loop_rear AND CHARACTER 2 faces left
&CHARACTER 3 spot 0.639 78 393 in zone 1 AND CHARACTER 3 moves to layer 3 AND CHARACTER 3 is run_neutral_loop_rear AND CHARACTER 3 faces left
&CHARACTER 4 spot 0.597 -4 413 in zone 1 AND CHARACTER 4 moves to layer 4 AND CHARACTER 4 is run_neutral_loop_rear AND CHARACTER 4 faces left
readerMessage Background credit to @rachelonepisode on Instagram.

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omg thank u

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make sure the one you have the background from alows to post it on forum… it looks like from one creator I know specifically prohibits this.


oh yeah it’s from a creator called Amepisode something like that

Yeah, i thought so - you should have read the rules @amepisode specifically writes that you cant post her stuff on the forum - you should delete it from the post.


Oh damn i must have forgotten thank you so much xx :grimacing: :kissing:

Thank you x

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