Need a hair salon background

I’m looking for a hair salon background.

I hope I can help I have this background

I also found this one on Pinterest

uh oh. are you sure the person your getting this image from has not made it copyright?

It’s on Pinterest so you have to look into it. You can also check

Here is a link to free use images.

Hey I found an episode drive. You can check her out.
She has a variety of things on her drive. Please give credit to her. Click on her backgrounds and accept her terms.


You beat me to it lmao. I was just about to recommend her. She’s got some really cute salon backgrounds!

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Hey we are on the same page. Lol. Episode 24/7

Credit @epii.jessica :heart: …I do have a salon Background :joy:

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Are you using any management software to run a business online?