Need a help with choice!

Hi, can somebody help me with this choice?

If the player can’t click the choice in time, the girl in the middle won’t dodge and get punched.

Can I do it without adding another choice?


I think you can’t

I don’t think so, I think if the reader doesn’t choose a option it defaults to the bottom one. You could add a choice like ‘Stand still’ so it’ll default or they choose the wrong one.

Dammit! Well the timer is 1 sec so it’s fine I guess. Thanks

Do you want the girl to dodge? If so, why don’t you just add it as a single choice without any timer?

Of course u can ! In regular choices u can , have u tried it?

You might be able to do this if you use tappable overlays in your choice! Hide the other overlay for “don’t dodge” by making its opacity 0.

Check out these threads for more info, to see if this might help you:

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