Need a help with layers

I need a help with layers. how do I make characters stand behind the desk. but not like on a overlay, on the background itself.

You can put the overlay at layer 2 and the character at layer 1. The overlay will be in the front and the character in the back.

If you want a character in front and the other in the back while the overlay is in between. Yo would do this.

Character 1 - Layer 0 - back
Overlay - Layer 1 - middle
Character 2 - Layer 2 - front

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No I mean how to get characters behind the desk here? The desk is not an overlay

You can’t put the character behind the desk without an overlay.

Oh, okay. Thanks!

Can read more here: HOW TO: Place Characters Behind A Desk πŸͺ‘ πŸŽ“

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Thanks! I already figured it out.

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