Need A Helping Hand for my story!

I am creating a story that has strong messages and topics dabbling into, depression, suicide, cancer, pregnancy, mental health, physical and mental abuse, self-image and more. I do not want to share too much information about it. But you must be open-minded about hearing, helping and reading, topics most shy from when it comes to the public. I do have the entire story planned out, I only need help with directing, tips to improve dialog and overall communication of ideas with someone that is not me.
Thank you and I hope I may have a new partner!

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I wouldn’t mind helping ya out :cherry_blossom:

Is there somewhere I can contact you and we could chat?

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Here, Insta, or discord work for meh! :heart:

Ah this is fine haha. Can you show me some of your previous work? Im not super sure on what I want, as a pose i mean.

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Previous work? As in stories?? :joy::sweat_smile:

No haha, your art pieces.

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Oooh, I didn’t know ya needed an artist, sorry I’m not much help in that field :joy: (ya might wanna put that in ur description)

Oh crap no! I wrote two topics, one for script help and one for story help. I’m sorry, yes I meant directing help. Whoops. But I am new to this, not writing stories but writing stories on episode. I have the basic concept down for the coding but I am looking to do more advance coding and that I will need help with.

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Lol okayz, I can help ya with the advance coding (the current story I’m working on requires meh to use advance coding so I’ve been working a lot with it lately):cherry_blossom:

Whats your story?

It’s called Embers(not published atm, but gots lots of branching choices)

Gotcha. Well I am still currently planning my characters looks, and developing everything before I start the coding. I will message you when I need any help or ideas, aka WRITERS FREAKING BLOCK. But im so looking forward to this and I hope you are too:)

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Okayz, and I am! :cherry_blossom::heart:

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