Need a large art cover!

Hi I need a large art cover for my new story. If you can make one let me know and I will send the details. Also if you know anybody who can make me a cover please recommend them,

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I recommend @Danielle318 or @Amy_Smile_22 or @WolfyLover247

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@Writer_SA Thanks!
@Episode_harley.21 I can help you, give me pose background and a screenshot of the character(s).

Is it Edited or Drawn?

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of course!

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Tysm I would like it drawn. Give me a minute and I will send the screenshot.

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Ok. Check my art shop to see if you like my drawn style:

And thanks! @Danielle318


Pose: Flirt_coy

pose: flirt_wink_happy


Pelase give me them in those poses.

Those are my characters poses and background and yes your drawing style is fine!

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Ok. Can you send screenshots of them in those psoes please?

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I made this. I will draw it later.

Great but could you not include the title please

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Oh ok

Yes that is good

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Hi I was just wondering about the progress of the cover?

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