Need a last name for my mafia story

I need help coming up with a last name for my story
It’s a Mafia story and the Leaders name is Jax and I need a really good surname
And a good gang name?

I need help


Hi :smile:

Where’s Jax from? Maybe that could help you find a surname that you like.


This are random lol

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Capone. Jax Capone.


Yes, i second that name.


Heres my input; dont. Just like… dont :rofl:

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A mafia story with a guy named Jax. How much more cliche can you get?


Very true tbf :joy:. But most readers like cliche so @baileysophie0 you do you babe.


Yep, up to her in the end, but that’s just my two cents lol.

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Jax Westion? Jax Shallow? Jax Sallow? Jax Spinster?

I don’t know, those are kind of random :joy: :joy:

Jax allfolks

… I’m sorry I had to

Which Mafia?
The type of Mafia (Sicilian, Italian, New York, Russian, Irish) really matters when coming up with last names for the Capos, Boss, Under-Boss, Soldiers etc.

New York

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Oh well with New York you think Italian or more specifically Sicilian roots so names such as Georgio, Luca, Leonardo, Vincenzo, etc would work.
Whereas if they are American you would think Lenny, Frankie, etc.

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