Need a Latinos POV

I have this Latino character and anybody tell me what Latino parents and girls act like

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depends on what country they are from.
puerto ricans act way different than dominican’s , cubans, etc…

They are from Mexico but here family tree line is Puerto Rican

well luckily for you,
my best friend is mexican & i’m puerto rican :joy:
just know that this is from my experiences, i’m not claiming that every mexican, puerto rican will act this way!
based on what i’ve seen from my friend’s family
they are VERY family oriented–family dinners all the time, mostly quiet people but when they have house parties/ celebrations they become the most excited, energetic group of people i’ve ever met!
my friend was SUPER shy and quiet at first, but once we got to know each other she became very talkative and comfortable around me!
as for puerto ricans, my family is bat shit crazy! :joy:
we LOVE to cook huge arranges of our cultural food!
personality wise, people strike us as people whose shit don’t stink, only because we have a protection wall up making it hard to allow people into our lives, but once we let those walls down–we are the most loving, compassionate people you’ll meet!

My aunt who is also puerto rican is VERY jealous – :joy:
everything has to be her way or the high way, and she will NEVER admit that she’s wrong.
I’ve noticed that with a lot of my puerto rican family members–It’s really hard for them to admit their wrong/ apologize!


also forgot to mention — the puerto rican side of my family is extremely territorial & sensitive!


This Is SO helpful

glad I could help!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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If you need anymore info, PM me! I’m Hispanic and I know how we Hispanics act :joy:


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