Need a lifesaver

Hi everyone

So this is my first time, I have attempted several stories prior to the one I am working on but have got frustrated and have given up but this time I feel that this could be the one. Only problem is I am slowly starting to get frustrated yet I have called for help. So if anyone can help with pretty much everything, saying that I know where the story to go but just need that boost from someone else.


What’s the story about

It is a Romance story called Who Hired Cupid?

A company helping people find love. Instead of a Wedding Planner, you have a Dating Planner, who enlists help from a fashion consultant, personal trainer, and a life coach. Plan Single Events, to encourage people to meet and mingle, provide assistance for one on one dates, and have a Valentine’s Day Ball where they ultimately find out whether the client has found their one true love. Yes it will be a short story all together but this is my first so I am just playing it safe


Sounds good but not my type of story to write sorry but I can help if you ever need an art Seen