Need A List Of Creators

Hi can someone please pm a list of creators that have backgrounds and overlays. I really in need of them.

I need as many list of creators if possible and if creators have police car/ station, bar/ club, bathroom, bedroom for females and males, closed/opened doors, jail cell, school hallway, kitchen, living room, locker closed/opened, patient room, cars overlay, blankets overlay, blush overlay, phone overlay, bruises, taxi overlay, cell closed/opened door, hospital chairs, hospital desk or front desk, rope, tears drop, foggy glass, counters, etc.

I know it’s a lot but it will be very much appreciated.

Ps: I don’t tolerate backgrounds/ overlays stealing from creator so if you have backgrounds and overlays please post their Instagram or forums name so I will give them credit.

Much appreciated!


Check this post from the thread out:

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Thank you so much!

Episode harmony can send the details here

Thanks @Epy.raven

I have some here:
Google drive

I have more coming soon including laptop overlays, a living room and a home office.

If you have Instagram, look up @/shellyg.episode and @/pamelac.stories. Their drives are NOT currently public though and you need to fill out a google form (links in both bios) but I think the forms may currently be closed. Both drives are full of lots of very useful backgrounds and overlays.

Also try @/tw.episode. She has some great stuff. Me personal favourites are her car interior overlays (for rear mirror shots) but she has lots of other good things.
Oh another good one is @/katrine.stories :slight_smile:

Thank you! I’ll check it out as well. I’ve already tried Shellyg and Pamelac google drive. Sadly, I’m waiting on a response because there is tons of people who want to use their creative backgrounds and overlays.