Need A List of Video Recorders I Can Use For Episode Stories

The title says it all, I need a list of free softwares/apps to use so I can record Episode stories on android. Preferably ones that don’t come with a lot of agreements (it’s fine if they do, I just prefer that they wouldn’t), also I don’t mind if you list just one ^^

THANKS IF YOU DO HELP :black_heart:

P.S Recording stories is a work of art :kissing_cat:

I have android and I use DU Recorder. If you use it make sure to turn the background noise off in the settings.

Mobizen & DU Recorder

are perfect ones.

Thank you guys, I’ll be sure to check these out, you rock :nerd_face:

@Sydney_H may you close this topic please and thank you? :smile:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: