Need a little help coding a kidnapping scene!

I’m working on my first story, currently titled The Only Way Out. Chapter One is meant to open with one of my characters being abducted, and I want to make it look like he is using chloroform to do this (although I am open to other ideas if this is not possible) such as in plenty of TV shows and movies (you get what I’m talking about).

I’m not quite sure how to code this. Any ideas on how to go about it?

EDIT: This is the basic idea of how the scene should play out.

We open to the grim scene of Elliana in a parking garage, trying to find her car. She is startled when a man almost backs into her and runs her over. She begins to yell at him, as he had made her break her phone. We never see the man’s face. Disturbingly, he grabs her, placing chloroform onto her face. She passes out, and he places her in his trunk under the cover of darkness.

She was not the only victim that night.

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You’re gonna need some overlays

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Yes, I figured, especially for the car.

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