Need a long term working partner? click on this

at least know a few things about directing because I know a few people new to making a story but don’t act that slow please cause many YouTubers to show you tips and tutorials I know a lot about layers, coding, and somewhat looping because I do my research and other stuff but I can help you tho but we’ll have to get to know each other :revolving_hearts: :relaxed:

My terms

Before I even have a partner all I ask is don’t keep on building work on work for me to help you with don’t get me wrong I’ll love to help but when it comes down to my story and school I do have to focus on that… and whatever you choose for your story I’ll support you[ i don’t mind helping you on the weekday’s bout on the weekends I take that talk to work on my story


Hey, I’m a little confused here. What exactly are you offering here?

I have a story set-up already but coding is taking me forever. I need help with coding and I’m looking for a partner who would help me with both coding and story plot.

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my fault if I sounded a bit confusing …just a partner I can work with I’ve always wanted to do a story with someone but when it comes to people they can be a bit harsh

HEY I am searching for someone who can help me to by coding my stories. I am also looking for a partner as I don’t know anything about coding. Can u please please help me

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