Need a mentor and help with writing, i've started out and i can't even get the templates right, somebody help me, i've been stranded for months

I need help with everything from getting the customization’s right without triggering warnings to structuring my story accurately. I need a personal hands-on mentor.

I can helP!

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Don’t mind helping out.

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So this is what I’m currently dealing with and because of these warnings I cant preview the customizations, and this just takes the whole passion of writing out of it. Please help me with this so I can proceed with the story and get your take on it as my mentor :hugs:

I used the limited customization by Dara Amarie

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Have you added customization for just one character or two?

Just 1

Have you checked your labels? They should match your gotos. Like if it is all capital then it needs to be the exact same. I am unable to read the error message in the picture.

Try to remove the whole script and add it again. I had this trouble when I first started writing but somehow I kept doing that. If it doesn’t work you can try the official script templates by Episode. They are very easy to add.

where can i access the original templates by episode

On the right side column if the portal, when you open the chapter there is a list of characters. Below it you will see a script template option and in that find Avatar Female. Click it and pick your character and you will get it.

thank you

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No Problem!