Need A Model 🀍🀍

Hey everyone,
I need a plus female model for an edit.
If you want to see my examples.

Click here

Credit will be given.
Thank you so much!

Please leave your insta handle, so i can credit you.


copper 04
arched natural scar - deep brown
Long Curl Half Updo - copper red
Deepset Upturned Wide - brown sand
Heart soft
Defined Natural
Full Round Pouty - red deep gloss

Thank you! Are you on Instagram?

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yes its tre.episodes

Ok, I’m gonna make an edit for new art release.

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Do u need anymore models (:

Not right now, but I can use them for future edits.

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Today, I need models (Couple :couple:) for an edit. :blob_hearts:

I have a few couples but ill wait to give someone else a chance

Hi, I have 2 characters who are a couple that you can use idk if u meant a straight couple but:

Jennifer’s lips are full heart pouty not full round pouty btw*

Also my Instagram is @ariellem_episode

Do you want either of these 2?