Need a "music and sound" & "Warning" background

Will credit you in my story :grin: ! Need it within 2 months

And I’ll get the warning in one second :slight_smile:
But in case you don’t like this one…do you want me to change anything?

Can i have a red background and instead of the pink outline can it be grey??

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Sure! It’ll be just a sec though


How about this?

And here is the other one:

Sorry!! May I have the font as first example ? Just a solid dark red background and like I said the outline grey. and the warning one with same font as first example. and the warning signs black and only one at the top of the text

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Hows this?

And this:

I kind of reached the limit for replies because I’m a really new user, but you can put Paris.Writes in there if you want. If not no credit is needed :slight_smile: @KarinaChongxx


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examples of my splashes. do you still need one?

Can i have a Thanks for reading one? and the sneak peeks, updates and more follow me on Instagram @Karina.epi and background a city ?? maybe like Houston ??

How do i credit you ?? as @Paris.Writes

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i’ll see what can i do :heart:

No need i found a app i can do on my own. Thanks. :grinning:

Can I use the warning one :grin:

sure, just give credits to jess.episodes on instagram :heart:

sure :heart: