Need a name for character

I am working on a story where I need an evil character’s name. The character doesn’t seem evil, but is without anyone knowing. I need a name for this character that kind of gives a hint, but seems innocent. Is this too weird to ask? Please leave your opinion below, dear friend. :wink:

maybe Lea

Alvera, maybe? Or Vilora?

Meh, why not make him a “her”. I’ll go with Lea! Thanks holo_potato.

Hewwo there… here are 3 boy names I thought of (I also got some help with my fam!)

  1. Samael (boy)
  2. Hikeme (boy lol)
  3. Antonius (boy)

I hope these names were good… lol and here are 3 girl names if you are looking for evil girl names,

1.Raven (girl)
2. Dixie (girl)
3. Elvira (girl)

I hope those names were good!



For my villains, there’s Pamela, Layla, Stephanie, Clara, Victoria (Vicky) and Carmen
Male: Dave