Need a new background for my story

This is my first time writing here so not sure how this works. But I need a new background ending that is with this caption

I use this for my story when it finishes a episode. Need ideas Thank you

Well I’m no editor but I could help you come up with ideas?

Thank you I do my own art work but been wanting to change this to something else but more power

:joy: I just saw this in my photo album and had to post it :joy:


Lol good one

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Need something more scarier. For my story

Why don’t you have an open notebook with a pen and some binoculars on top of it or something and in the notebook it says I am always watching in cursive

Hmm thats sounds good.

Can you give me a brief description of what your story is about

In this story there a lot of plots twist and turn. Her parents keeping a big secret. A past she doesnt remember since she saw her aunt died. And it has kidnapping in it. Its really a horror/ thriller story. For my story discripstion this is what i wrote Lies,love, kidnapped What else can go wrong.Will you be able to escape Him.Will you ever forgive your parents.Will you ever be able to love and trust again

Okay so the notebook could be a diary and underneath the ‘I am always watching’ put like a sketched out broken heart under it

At the top of the page it could be like Dear Diary…
in cursive

I am not to sure about the dear diary.Because the one basically saying this is the kidnapper a male. But I like the note book the heart and the cursing writting.

Didnt mean cursing lol cursive

Idk though its really what you want is to show.It’s kind of like your story’s to be continued if you get what i mean.

Oh ok Now I got you

If you do use some of my ideas i’d love to see the finished result

Of course ill have to sketch it out then on my comp but i will definitely post and will even say thanks to you for the idea.

You could put eyes that the pupil is a keyhole or the have a star as a reflection of light