Need a new cover right away and some couple scenes... Will pay commission!

My story is Relying On Fate and I love my original cover but its not getting that much attention. Below is the cover. Please post samples of your work or if you just dm me. I will get back to you right away. I pay via paypal or cashapp


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Hi I’m a commissioned artist! Pm if you’re interested!


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Your work is beautiful and I do want to work with you.

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I believe that it is easier for you to look for Instagram for people that do commissions, since here are just a few ones that do it (e.g Ella)

The ones I know besides Ella on the forum are @Cheyara_Skadi , and @MysteryMaker ( and myself).


Yep I’m a commission artist too, you can se more examples of my work on my instagram (same name as this) but here are a couple:


I checked Instagram several times most of the time the commission’s are closed and I’m out of luck so that’s why I came to the Forum.

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But thanks for the tip and your work is beautiful also so I want to work with both of you and anybody else who can contribute to my story to definitely help me out here I’m going to DM you in a few because I have to get back to my desk

No problem. I think you just had bad luck with the timing. It is just that Instagram has still a wider range than here that’s what I originally meant. Due to a wider range commissions slots are going to be filled faster too on IG. So timing is really the problem.

Those are some of the images from my own Instagram.

Ah thank you! Just shoot me a pm and we can talk more! :slight_smile:

Hi @wittycoe.

As @CelestialMoon said I’m a digital commission artist.I’ll attach two of my latest works and my commission thread with more samples for you to look forward.Send me an email if you seem interested.

Commission Open

I recieved payment via paypal or payoneer.

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Hi I’m I’m very interested thank you everybody for all the work and help and everything .I’m sorry I haven’t responded quickly, Im getting all these posts while I’m driving . Lol. Im almost home so I will message those I want to work with. I really do appreciate the help


I can too if you still need it :yum:

Prices that can be adjusted

My style


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