Need a new pfp (kinda contest)


Hey guys! I want to change my pfp so I would like someone to do an amazing edit!! And remember those who did the best I’ll pick 2 members and make an edit for them as a prize!!

So Here are my details :slight_smile:


My recent edit

Please don’t create any drama

Deadline: December 31st

Thank you guys :slight_smile:


How fun! I’ll think about entering!


Great!! I wish you’ll enter and make an amazing pfp for me :smile:


I don’t think it’ll be amazing but I’ll try!


When’s the deadline? I’ll see if I have time than I may join.


There’s no specific time for this :sweat_smile:


Can I join?


What’s your favourite colour?


UUUFFF YOU BOOOTIIFFUUULLL! I love that art work!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Black( lmao, not mine- @anj 's)


Yeah! anyone can join :smile:


Thank you so much :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:


I’m entering!


Aww!! I really love your work. Looking forward for your work :heart_eyes::blush:


I’ll join and try but my art won’t be as good as everyone else’s :slight_smile::joy:


Can I try it in LL?


Don’t think like that I’m sure you’ll do it amazing :smile:


Yeah sure!! I’ll leave my details in LL


Ahh thanks! You’ve given me a motivation boost lol


Aww!! So kind of you :heart: