Need a new story cover

where can I find the cheap for an art cover story :grinning: but please send me some explame :grinning:


Here’s the complete list of everything, where you can find all of the different shops and commissions:


Thank you so much :grinning::heart:

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Hello dear.
I’m a digital artist and I’m currently taking commissions.
Feel free to check my Instagram for prices and more examples.
Please note that these don’t include the rights of use which should be added when we discuss your project.
Also, if you don’t have enough to pay for a commission, remember that support means a lot for us artists and can make a huge difference!
(I also happen to launch contests from time to time so it’s worth the follow!)

Have a nice day :relaxed:

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Omg the arts are BOOMB!

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Hey if anyone would like to make a cover for my story dm me on instagram @reaganrosewrites IT WOULD BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED

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