Need a new story title! Help!

Hey, I’m new on Episode and I need some story ideas!

Here’s a summary of my story:
It is a romantic drama where the students at LA University have to go back there due to the school making a big mistake that none of their students didn’t graduate.

Leah (which is me) is a new student there, majoring in Music, and meets 2 famous actors who went there, to major in Drama and Film.

There is a lot of typical stereotypes like the nerd, jock, prep, the ‘gay’ stereotype, head cheerleader and bullyand then also the emo/goth.

Anyone got any ideas? Comment below!

Hell School (Idk)
It Happened.
Back at it again
(I suck at story names)

I got one, don’t worry guys!


I don’t know why, I’m just curious what you picked yourself.
But it’s not my business.

What about ‘Mistakes’

She said she already gots one. Don’t you see it?

Oh lol! I just saw it now. Thanks.

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