Need a new title for my story Too Bad So Sad

I’ve hired a proofreader and we’ve agreed that the story of my title doesn’t really match the story. The description of my story:

Christine gets dumped and she’s out of rehab, she goes to school hoping everything will go back to normal. But when she ends up with the bad boy and the new kid, she gets thrown into more drama.

Comment below a title that you think would fit the story :arrow_down:


hmm, i made a small list of titles that might work!

  • Restored
  • Twisted Triangle
  • Recovery

I like this one tbh.

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  1. Compelled Fate
  2. The price of my life

This is what I produced from your words, but we need more details to know the title, and this is difficult because it is the secret of your story.

Focus on the content of the story and what the events are about to give an appropriate title. :pleading_face:

Good luck :white_heart:

• Bad boy’s girl
• Out of rehab and into Love
• Taste of drama
• Twisted drama/ Romance
• Into them
• Their sweetheart
• Recovering from him

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