Need a nice looking cover


Hey guys.
I’m a perfectionist with actual OCD.
Some (very few) people may say otherwise, but I think my art looks like cow poop.
If you have seen my art and make it better… please drop down some examples. this story is going to mean a lot to me, and a shitty cover won’t help with motivation :sweat_smile:
Thank you so much,
Love y’all :heart:

(p.s. I’ll pm you, don’t go vise versa)

I’ll pass on the covers where the characters are literally copied and pasted to a different background!


These aren’t that good but here ya go



These are some examples of my work . If you want me to do a cover for you , please go to my thread . Cover Art Thread (QUITTING)


I can help :upside_down_face:


Episode starlight can



@Malukah seems very talented! I’ve seen one of her works.


I’m open if you want!
I’ll send examples if your interested


Go here for examples


I’d love to see!


@QueenMilii here are some


You’re @kalizza right? I don’t know if I spelled that right :joy:


You are correct lol it’s @Kalizzza
But yes that is me


Shoot sorry! I’ll pm you if I’d like it to be my cover :heart:


Btw I can do more realistic ones but I don’t have any example of those just in case
Thanks for ur consideration