Need a overlay and background

I need something like this but only one and not pictures in it I need it was I can add my own overlays behind it.

All so on the bottom make it say like Episode photo booth and I need a photo booth overlay to place in a background.

I also need the end side of a photo booth please or something that looks like it.

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I can work on this edit, if you want.

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Yes please

Thank you so much.

You want it an overlay, correct? So where the pictures are on the reference picture it should be transparent?


That one yes I also need a overlay of a photobooth if you can and a background of a photobooth if can but if you can only do the one that is fine I will be very greatful for that. :slight_smile:

Here you go! I’m not sure if this is exactly what you wanted, though. (It’s hard to see since the transparent parts all show up with a white bg sometimes)

Anything else?

Can you make like just the set inside the photo booth for a background so I can show the taking them picters? And these are perfect and do I just use the @TheThalkingLlamma to credit you?

The @ thing is just for credit, yes. And sure, I’ll see if I can get a background for inside the photo booth.

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Okay thank you.

Here is one, but that I resized for you, but it’s off color scheme.

Here are a few others that are on color scheme(ish), but you’ll have to resize them yourself, if you know how to (I’m just lazy). If you don’t know how to, pick one and I’ll resize it to background size.


I need just the beanch they sit on it where it would just show them inside

If you want that, it would require an art scene, as a background as specific as that is hard to find. I recommend to request this on an art scene discussion/request thing. There’s plenty on the Creator’s corner under Art resources.

Here’s the best one you can possibly use:

Other than that one, I don’t know how to help you.

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Okay thank you I’ll use the overlays but really wanting something different for the background thank you for helping me.