Need a parrner from 🥺🥺

Makes story together. Nedd a partner😉
he or she can Englisch too lenguage German or spanisch. I am new in episode ned help!:pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


i could help if u would like

Yes plise :blush::blush:

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ok great just pm me and we can talk

My istagram episode.deella

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i acctuly dont have my phone right now so i cant go to intagram right now

I could help

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nope sorry as of right now i can only PM on here

Hi test me at episode.deella ista

Ist okay no wories have can make storry togerher wehn you are intersed :blush::blush:

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Hey i am new hire need a partner from wirite story :pleading_face::pleading_face:


I could help :white_heart:

Nedd help to write my story nedd partners so 2😊

Hey luv. I would love to help but maybe by beta testing your stories and giving you some coding tips

Need 1 or 2 partner for write my story :blush:
I have many ideas. Story is romance action aventure and drama. A wirite is parrner +18

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Need partner that help with one story for write . And manny ideas

Really you can me help

Me too