Need a Partner ASAP!

Hey! My name is Bree. I was hoping to find a partner to write my story with. Because I know for a fact that if I don’t have a partner I will never get through it lol. My story is about this girl storm and her twin brother thunder. They both have powers and are half of something else(we’ll both figure it out lol) and that’s just the start. We can both figure it out. I would like it if we are in the same time zone so we can actually work together. I’m from Michigan. Contact me on insta at bree_xo.03 and from there we can exchange numbers and talk. Contact me soon please!!


If you need any help

I’m available message me on IG it’s hannahc.epi_wattpad

If you’d like, I could help as well.

What’s your insta so we can talk.


@Bree0922 I think I just followed you. Did it go through?


Hey my insta is @raylita.epy id totally be interested in helping you