Need a partner for help with coding my story

i need help with coding my story dm me at my insta @kiki_is_so_beautiful or my snapchat @datgirlykiki

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Hi! My insta is @Bxtchy_Rose, Im goof at coding so Please dm me if you’d like any help!

i texted u did u get it

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:grin: :grin: :grin:

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Ah sorry for replying Late!

Hello, so right now I’m looking for someone to help me code my first ever episode story, I need someone who can stay consistent and will always make sure to do or help me with my coding.
I’ll also make sure to give credit of course! but just to let you know the need to be on your a- game, because I want to release my story VERY soon. I’m thinking about going up to 25 chapter; more or less, it all depends. but plz help me ASAP if you see this comment!

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