Need a Partner for my first story!

So I really need a writing partner that is great with coding, overlays, and etc. I know some think coding is suuuper easy, but I can’t even work my own tv at home, lmao. I’ve been trying to learn how to code for TWO years now and gotten nowhere except just tiny basic coding. I have soooo many ideas I want to come to life and I desperately need help.


Im not going to say im the most amazing with coding but id be willing to be your partner until youve no use of me anymore lol

Don’t say that, that sounds sad. I’ll be willing to work with you surely. What socials do you use so I can get in contact with you?

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I’m quick learner and I’m starting my own story which is on hold tho… I made the 1st episode with zooming and spot directly but I am still a beginner so… idk if u would like to have me… Idk myself at what level I am of coding :joy:

This is my ig @kokebi.episode
Idk if u need me anymore :sweat_smile:

I mean it’s fine, I just want my story to come to life no matter what level lol. But I don’t have insta… maybe I can use my sister’s account…Maybe both you and KiimChi can help me if you don’t mind? I personally don’t like picking people lol. If that’s fine with you.

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That’s perfect I don’t like to choose people too… :smile:

Heya if you guys need I can help you!
Insta: Nutella_writes

Hey I am new too anyone wanna help me also