Need a partner for story writing/coding

Hi all,

I was working on a story through my phone and one day just published it with 6 chapters through my laptop. Now I’m not able to complete it because I’m too bad in coding :frowning: I am working on more stories and have a plot, story and ideas about it. If anyone is interested to help me in coding would be more than welcome.

If interested, please reply.



Hi there, Ankita, I’d love to help you, are you online? :smiley:

Hi Paris, thanks for getting back to me. And nice to meet you.

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Hi Paris, I would like to know if you could do coding? :blush:

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Yes! I could make sure your writing in the portal is error-free. No problem :wink:

Hi Paris, Thanks! Let me know how this will work? I have never worked with a writing partner before.