Need A Party Template? Here's one that I made <3 (Limelight ONLY)


if you use please give credit to me: brvnda.episode <3
Party Template


I’m not writing any story at the moment but it would be really helpful in future. So, thanks :heart:


my pleasure :smiley:


Oh thats sweet of you to do that. I’ll hope I might get to use that on my story but mine is about Mafias and they dont do “Parties” lol


aww! :sob: maybe in the near future


Sigh the cons of writing a criminal story, no teenage crap in mine.


lmao right. it’s like you get something you’ve been looking for and then you end up realizing , “hey, I don’t need that” :joy::joy:


Yeah. Sigh. But I still love writing my story. It means a lot to me. Like, there was a whole reason behind even making this story but it’s personal lol. My story if called Distant but I haven’t published bc i want to make at five episodes but here is my story description: “After losing Carlos to a failed mission, Catalina becomes the Lupo Mafia leader. She is cold and distant but what if Nic can help her see the world in a better way?”


the description is awesome!!


Oh, thanks. I made my cover myself but dont know if mine is eye catching like my description


if you want, you can show me how it looks!


It sucks.


It’s not bad, my only recommendation is, is I would have the dude fade away , you should make the text a little bit more bold & switch the color to a darker color (maybe black?”) & the background kinda has a lot going on.


Yeah I know. I might remake it completely.


Okay, girly. Just make sure the character (the female one) is more visible and have the guy fade away as if is in the fire. if that makes sense >,< lol, I got cover art here on resources.


WHat do you mean by" I got cover art here on resources." ?


(deleted comment)


Oh, I know I can ask but I have my own thread to make covers (which you should totes check out) but it would be awkward for a cover maker to ask a cover maker to make them a cover


True… :neutral_face: I never thought of it that way :joy::joy:. but hey, practice makes perfect! :heartbeat: im going to start trying to make my own covers soon, i’m just extremely lazy atm.


Oh lol.