Need a person to help with comebacks

Hey, I’m fighting with someone. Any body good at fighting back, and roasting? please pm me! I’m good too, it’s just, it’s gonna be really bad, yet good. :rage:

Honestly, you should make your own comebacks so you don’t look fake!!

If you’re having an argument, maybe you should be the bigger person and tell them they’re not worth it. It’s not worth fighting with someone, trust me, I’ve learnt from experience. Try to make peace with them, maybe become friends, I don’t know, but just be respectful to one another, even if the other person is not respectful back, because you are the genuine person. Prove them wrong and don’t let them get to you. Plus, if they’re a hater, let them hate. :wink: You’re way better than them, so don’t let them get to you. :blue_heart:


Nat is this the argument with us when you said your friends were gonna kill us and that karma sucks and its gonna get us? :joy:

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