Need a personal Editor!

Heyy! I’ve been writing my story Trust Me for a while (Episode 1 is released) And I’ve been getting ideas for episode two where I need custom poses but some are too hard for me to do soooo yeah the title explains itself :}
Custom poses
Word overlays
Maybe directing help (sometimes very rarely)
Outfit help
Help with making characters (AND NAMES)
(you will get credit at the beginning and end of every episode and on ig if you have an account)

If you can help pleaseeeee let me know and if you have insta it would be a lot better and easier to contact but it’s not a requirement!

(if you need to know more information about what I need don’t hesitate to ask)

Cover for my story-

Kylie Davis goes through a series of traumatic events in her life… When Mikayla And Mikael Keen come into her life and try to help, what will be the outcome. (LGBTQ+, Multiple POV’s)

MC’s names-
Kylie Davis
Mikayla Keen
Mikael Keen


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I can do it if it’s Limelight. But I’m horrible with ink

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I actually got someone she pmed me tysm tho!!!

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