Need a phone message screen!

Hey all! I’m a new author in episode-new meaning I’m literally working on my first ever episode. I want to include text messages so I watched a tut by Joseph Evans buuuuut I need a message screen. My f!MC is messaging her mom here. I want a bit of a jazzed up lockscreen and episodelife failed me, sooo, here I am.

I want the message screen to look a bit like this:

So, if you can help me, please do haha!


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follow this copy and paste … !

Texting Format

set format phone text

@EDRIC left

@LOLLY right


The movie starts at 9.


I’m starving!

  • Use the command set format phonetext to make your characters have a conversation through text messages.
  • Use @CHARACTER left/right to have that character’s messages on the left or right side of the screen.
  • Just like with regular dialogue, each text box doesn’t appear until you tap the screen.
  • You can have more than 2 characters texting to make a groupchat.
  • Once the text format has been set, no characters will be visible on screen.
  • When you are done using the text format, switch the format back to cinematic (or spotlight if your using spotlight)
    • set format cinematic
    • set format spotlight
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but change you’re characters .

how do you change the bg tho

that me don’t know :frowning:

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I can make this a background for you! Is there a specific type of phone you’d like to display the text or do you not have a preference?

Hii, thank you! Um, I’m not really sure what you mean, actually :sweat_smile: could you explain?

haha sorry, I was wondering if you wanted the phone to be like a newer one over an older one, vice versa
though I did make an overlay (and tested it out so it should work) so you can just let me know if you want anything changed (:

phone overlay

(lightened version is just in case the text doesn’t show up as well)

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Fyi the text does show up when they do the text message format but the only thing that doesn’t show up well is the character’s name, they appear to be a very light grey