Need a plot for story

So as the title states I need a plot this story won’t be written for a couple months but I wanna get a head start on planning it so I need help with what a good plot would be the title is The Letter and I want it to be in the mystery genre so any ideas :grin::grin: feel free to give me any ideas for the story as I only have the title :joy: credit will be given for your input

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Here’s a little prompt for you that I just came up with:

You’re young. You’re happy. Life seems perfect. That is, until recently… You receive a strange, threatening letter and then suddenly your life gets turned upside down. Secrets from your past start to spill, friends and family members shun you, you’re fired from your dream job, and things so much worse. Can you find whoever sent this mysterious letter before it’s too late? Or fail and end DEAD?

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@amberh.episode haha thats a good idea here’s one a little more light hearted

Recently dumped by your ex, you find a love letter on your doorstep. With three possible senders, can you find the sender (and your new love) before he moves away?

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Ooooo these both are so good :thinking::thinking::rofl: maybe I can mix them together

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To be honest, I don’t really want to sound too harsh but I think maybe you should leave the title til last. The most important part of a story is the plot and without it, there’s no point in starting to write! I’d suggest coming up with a plot and then naming it, instead of trying to fit your plot around a title you came up with. It will make your story much better in the long run.


Okay thanks for the advice I just thought I’d would be an interesting title